Don't Forget

You're galloping toward the homestretch, and if you remember to do these last two things, you’ll look like her knight in shining armor.

First thing's first. Don't forget you're supposed to get her a special little something and give it to her early in the day before the big game (and by "big game" we mean "wedding", not an actual sporting event). We suggest something that will make her look, and therefore feel, even more beautiful when she's walking down the aisle. Pearls are perfect. DG can help.

And now to remember that wedding date for the next 137 years. Tattooing is an option, but given the skin's tendency to lose elasticity with age, there's no guarantee you'll be able to read the date once you turn 60. Instead, you should just get the date engraved around the inside of your wedding band – a free extra with every DG wedding band. She'll see it as a sentimental reminder of the day of your union, and whatever she thinks is right. Don't forget that, either.


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